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Frequently Asked Questions in Poker Without deposit

What is Poker Without Deposit?


Poker Without Deposit is an initiative to facilitate the integration of new online poker players in a highly competitive gaming market, and for this reason we developed this project that fights to make this game accessible to anyone (as long as you are an adult), a game that attracts so many millions around the world!

How do we help people to play poker for free?


All tutorials are in the left menu of our website explain step by step with pictures, how to obtain online poker bonus for a list of poker rooms without making any deposit, we explain you how to get the initial capital without to invest money this way without taking any risk.

We receive real free money to play online poker?


Yes you get! And if you lose the money that was given to you, you will not have to pay anything, but if you win it will be good for you of course, but before you can withdraw any money from this poker rooms in any of these bonus you will have to earn points first.

But why are you giving me money without asking anything in return?


You should not think that people are giving you money but investing in you, by giving a poker bonus without deposit whether are the bonuses providers or the poker rooms they will win a greater percentage of the rake that you generate. When it comes the time you have reached the number of points required in order to withdrawthe money, you have already generated in rake a higher amount of money then the one that was invested in you.

And if you win how do you withdraw the money?


There are several ways to withdraw money by either bank transfer or through online banks such as Moneybookers and Neteller, and giving your bank can do you no harm because the poker rooms can not debit from your bank account.

It is reliable to give your data to online poker rooms?


The online poker rooms are companies that although many of them are based in offshores, they are licensed and must meet certain requirements to operate, we are dealing with multinational and not small companies they obviously operate accordingly.

Online poker is an addictive game?


No, like everything in life will depend on you, there are people who become addicted to everything and anything, see the example of facebook millions of people are addicted in to it! The prejudice that you should not be playing poker online because you can get addicted is a completely wrong idea, like everything in life must have caution in everything you do.

Poker is a game of luck?


No, and there was already two situations where this was proved in 2011 a court in France in which Toulosse called statistical experts and chess in which they came to the conclusion that poker was a game of skill rather than luck and chance and have more recentemnet in 2012 also at the request of a court the former Yale professor Randal Heeb after studying a database of 415 million poker hands said the "skill predominates over chance."

Playing poker online is illegal?


Well that will depend in the country you are living right now, if you live in the USA yes playing online poker is illegal, altought there are a lot of poker rooms that accpet us players and gives them free poker money. In the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland is perfectly legal to play online poker.


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