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The Rules of Poker Omaha

Learn to play Poker Omaha!

The Poker Omaha also commonly referred to as "Omaha Hold'em" poker is a game very similar to the popular Texas Hold'em. The big difference between the two styles of play is that in Omaha if you receive four cards instead of two as in Texas Hold'em.

The Rules of Poker Omaha in detail

General Rules:


As we have already explained the Omaha Poker is a poker game in which one player receives four private cards and 5 community cards are placed on the table, each player can only use two of their private cards and three community cards constructing the best possible hand according with the with the hierarchy of handsalready defined in Texas Holdem Rules. Also the "Pre-Flop", "Flop", "Turn", "River" and "Showdown" are played the same way as Texas Hold'em.

In the figure below we have a practical example of a hand of poker omaha, where we can see that playing with 2 private cards and 3 community cards is the yellow player who wins the hand , altought the green player has a triple aces (A ♥, A ♦, A ♠) the yellow player has a "flush" (five cards of the same suit - 10 ♠, A ♠, 6 ♠, 9 ♠, K ♠), as you can imagine for the simple fact of having more private cards the odds in Omaha are very different from Texas Hold'em.


Figure I: "Example of Poker Omaha table game"


Variants of Poker Omaha:


- Poker Omaha Hi/Lo


Poker Omaha Hi/Lo is identical in almost everything to the poker omaha but in Hi/Lo you play in "High / Low" , in which the pot game is divided between the best high hand and the best low hand, using the same two hidden cards and three community cards. Omaha Hi/Lo has also a rule called "8-or-better" which says that the low hand should consist of five different cards less than or equal to eight, and in case there is no hand that meets this requirement is the higher hand gets the whole pot.


- Courchevel Poker


The difference between Courchevel and Omaha Poker is the amounts of private cards that are given to the players, while in omaha the player receives four private cards in Courchevel he gets five private cards, there is another big difference that makes Courchevel very interesting, the fact that in the "Preflop" the first card of the "flop" is given face up at the beginning of the hand, so in the "Pre-Flop" there is already a card visible before starting the first round of betting.


- Courchevel Hi/Lo Poker


The Courchevel Hi/Lo is at all equal to Courchevel but you play in "High/Low" (explained earlier, it works exactly as Omaha Hi/Lo and the difference is that you get another private card and in the "Pre- flop" one card is also given face up.


Below you find also a video explaining in details the rules and general operation of poker omaha.


Video I: "How to play poker omaha"


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