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Ladbrokes Poker 50$ Free No Deposit Bonus

Poker Strategy gives you 50$ Free to play on Ladbrokes Poker!

Poker Strategy is the main free poker bankrolls provider in the hole World! After passing trough a quizz they will give 50$ with no deposit required to many Poker rooms wich includes Poker770, Titan Poker, Betfair Poker, Everest Poker and Ladbrokes Poker! The bonus available may change with time!

Ladbrokes is a classic poker room that offers much more than just a basic variety of games, it also has a huge field of players most of them British, Ladbrokes has established itself as a quality brand that offers some of the best experiences on online poker in the world. A room well suited for those who want to start playing online poker, especially with this $ 50 free!

There is only one place where you receive an offer of free money to play on Ladbrokes Poker, which is PokerStrategy.

Tutorial Ladbrokes Poker 50$ No Deposit Bonus PokerStrategy

To get this bonus just follow the tutorial and in 19 steps you will have your bonus of $50 free on Ladbrokes Poker!

1.Click Here to go to the Poker Strategy web page , and when you're there click in "Get free money" to get the $50 free starting capital (but in which to get the $ 50 you have to pass a test), or if you want a bonus lower of $ 10 free no deposit at PKR Poker click in "More about our free poker offers", or you can ask for both of them $50 +$10 = $60!:)

2.Now fill in your data and click "Sign up for free" as you see in the image down.

3.Now you will receive a message saying to go to your email box in order to validate your account.

4.Go to your email box you will have there an email from PokerStrategy, open it and click on the activation link as you see in the image

5.Now choose the option "Fight for your $50!".

6.Now you must choose your type of game in which will focus on the quiz of 20 questions.

7.Now is the tricky part because you must answer a quiz of 20 questions based on the style of game that you have choosen, download the PDF as it is in the image and read very well before taking the quiz, if you must lose an hour to study the PDF, obviously the quiz is with consultation, but you only have 5 attempts to pass!

8.After studying the theory very well then you must start the test press "Start the quiz and secure your $50". Then write the characters in "Enter the words here:" like you see in the image and finally click on "Submit and start quiz"!

9.Now you will begin the test, you have 120 minutes to answer 20 questions so do it calmly. If you fail at the first attempt do not give up, I just passed on the third, you also have five attempts to pass! Keep in mind that our site or forum does not give any help in solving the Quiz! You will have to solve it by your own by studying the study material given to you by PokerStrategy!

10. After you pass the quiz you will receive an email from Poker Strategy asking for 3 evidences of identity to prevent fraud:

-Proof of identification (identity card, driving license, etc.);

-Proof of address (phone bill, internet bill, etc.);

-Photo of the account owner holding the identity document;

You can even take photos of the identification proof, proof of address and you holding the proof of identity with your phone but it must be in colors and visible!

Then answer to this email with the 3 evidences of identity, and you must not be afraid to send in your identification because after the confirmation of identity, the copies of the documents will be immediately deleted from the records of Poker Strategy.

11.Approximately 24 hours latter you will receive an email telling you that your account I.D. has benn verified and approved, in this email it will be a link as you can see in the image, and you should click that link to choose the Poker Room where you want your free 50$!

12.Now you can choose the room where you want your 50$ bankroll, in this guide I have choosen Ladbrokes Poker because it was the bonus available at the moment but you´re free to choose any other room available at the moment! The bonus is only for new accounts at the poker room in question and it is only allowed one bonus per person, any attempt at fraud will result in expulsion!!

13.Now click on "Visit Ladbrokes Poker" and do not close the PokerStrategy page since you will have to be back here later.

14.After that click on "Download Now" not forgetting to tick the box down in the accept the conditions of service.

15.Install the Ladbrokes Poker software by clicking on "Install" and wait for the installation to complete.

16.Now click on "Click Here" to register at Ladbrokes Poker.

17.Fill out the registration form and do not forget your "Alias" which you must provide to PokerStrategy after you register you can close the software and do not worry if the software offers you the possibility to select a method of making a deposit just close the software without having to deposit any.

18.Return to the PokerStrategy page and at the bottom of the page enter your "Ladbrokes Poker Alias" to receive the $ 50 free.


19.Approximately 24 to 48 hours latter you will receive an email with the confirmation of the deposit of 50$ in your Ladbrokes Poker account.

If you have any doubt send an email in English, Portuguese or Spanish to suporte@pokersemdeposito.com


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