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Dracula Poker and CelebPoker acquired by Titan Poker

Titan is growing at iPoker!

Titan Poker, the largest room in the iPoker Playtech acquired two lower rooms of the network, CelebPoker and Dracula Poker due to the implementation of two levels of players on the iPoker network, and the CelebPoker and Dracula Poker would not be able to keep up the standards of the minimum requirements of iPoker.

Celeb's and Dracula´s players will be redirected to the Titan. The Dracula Poker was founded in 2009 and was intended mainly for Hungarian and Romanian market, the CelebPoker was founded in 2004 operating on the "International Poker Network" and only later joined the iPoker.

These events are due to the new rules of operation of the iPoker network established in July, in which separates two types of iPoker networks with a view to increasing the level of players at the top level, and due to these same standards, CelebPoker and Dracula Poker would not able to meet the minimum requirements of lower level (6000 monthly active players per month and 850 new) and as such had no alternative but to join the Titan Poker.



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