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Tilt Breaker Review

Stay Away from the tilt with Tilt Breaker!

The Tilt Breaker is a new poker software that runs in the background along with the lobby of your poker room, this software was designed to decrease the tilt (emotional influence on your game). How does the Tilt Breaker helps to eliminate the emotional factor in your game?

In a very simple 5 customizable options through bankroll management and other aspects, the Tilt Breaker will help you avoid losing your bankroll!

Tilt Breaker Features:

• Auto Break - defines an automatic stop during a session through a maximum loss.

• App Blocker - blocks other online applications so that you can focus only on the poker table.

• Bankroll Manager - defines the tables you can play according to your bankroll, basically if you do not have a large bankroll prevents you from playing in high stakes.

• Optimus - evaluates how long you can play without making you performance decrease.

• Rage Quit Button - button to close the session immediately.

You can have the trial a version of Tilt Breaker, for now the program only works on cash games but in the future it will also support tournaments.



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