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Flaws discovered in online poker software

Security threat in online poker?

A company in Malta has made a scientific study in which they discovered that there are certain poker software with security holes that can be exploited by "hackers". The company in question the ReVuln, tested the software of three online poker networks namely the "Microgaming", "iPoker" and "Poker Pack", and in all three were found flaws in the systems upgrade and password protection.

Here is a summary of the report prepared by ReVuln:

1 - System Update

Software updates are very important for this type of software. All poker software should conform to certain standards, and include an auto-update, which is the first action taken by the caster software. This mechanism can be used by attackers to inject malicious updates on player system, while the software performs the update operation. For example, this can be achieved through public connections unsafe or malware.

2 - Storing passwords

All the poker software allows the password to automatically be saved in the personal computer of the player. The implementation of this insecure feature may not be secure enough to prevent leakage of the password. The stored password is often overshadowed or just en-encrypted with wrenches. Access to the registry keys or configuration file (even remote access is possible via directory traversal).



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