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Regulation of online gambling in Portugal

Online Poker Legislation in Portugal!

In February came the news that the Portuguese state wants to regulate online gambling in Portugal and then earn revenue of 250 million euros according to the prime minister Passos Coelho! It was published yesterday in the newspaper Publico, an interview with Secretary of State for Tourism, Cecilia Meireles, where he addressed the regulation of online gambling in Portugal.

When questioned, the Secretary of State confirmed that it is possible that the government will get revenue from online gambling this year, is expected to leave a proposal by the end of this month. Although the interview focus more in the online gambling, it is expected that the legislation of online poker is also being studied.

We present here an excerpt from the interview:

"In terms of fitting recipes, news has emerged about the gain that the government hopes to get to the taxation of online gambling. Confirms that is being studied for its regulation in Portugal?

There is in fact an intention by the government to regulate online gambling. An aim which is unanimously approved. It will be an important source of revenue?

Confirms the 250 million expected this year?

It may be important but it is still too early to make the quantification of the revenue. But it is clear that these revenues can be obtained already in 2012? I have a cautious nature and I think that in a moment like this, we must be particularly cautious.

I would say that you can think of to get revenue from online gaming in 2012.

What stage is the work of regulation?

Is being analyzed, but is an issue that needs some modesty because it is very sensitive. The game requires a number of concerns in terms of regulation. It is a question that is being worked on. It is a comprehensive analysis, which involves the participation of many actors and the entire government.

The Government is to consult the traditional gambling operators, who have been very critical of gambling over the Internet? It is a matter we have to manage with modesty.

Can I say that I speak with the operators often on this topic and many others."

What is the weather to finally have a decision on this matter? This matter will certainly be resolved this year. It is most reasonable target, regardless of whether there may be a surprise earlier. There has been a great effort by the Government to take only when there are concrete solutions."

We must make a detailed analysis of all this, my 1st conclusion is that the state does not make the slightest idea of what the online game in Portugal, and it shows immediately in the statement completely preposterous of Passos Coelho by saying that the governement wants to get 250 million euros in revenues through the online game! A very important point was to focus the interview is that the state be-do consulting with the operators of traditional game that is absolutely against the online game!

I greatly fear that it has declared the same nonsense that we saw in Spain, which puts people legislating gambling online who know nothing about it, in Spain was so shameful that the 1st law proposition put the blinds to turn around! For here the secretary of state must know much about online game as I know about Tourism!

It is common knowledge the current financial and economic situation of Portugal, since the Government of Passos Coelho got into action all that was made were austerity measures that have only worsened things as the economy fell as unemployment rose, and still talking about the rumor of the need for a 2nd loan from the International Monetary Fund!

In a humorous way I can even say that the government of Passos Coelho is an alchemist reversed because everything he touches rots! The fear is installed in the community of online poker in Portugal since a priori it is well known that nothing that comes from this government can be good!



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