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March arrived but Full Tilt Poker didn´t came back!

Full Tilt Poker for when the return?

We had reported last month that March 2012 would be marked by the return of Full Tilt Poker, this scenario will not be very likely to happen! Many factors have contributed to complicate the return of the Full Tilt including debts of former players to the poker room, problems with shareholders, etc.

Despite the difficulties, there was progress in the negotiations although the deadline for implementing the agreement has been postponed by several weeks, which will render impossible the return of the Full Tilt Poker in March!

Behnam Dayanim, Bernard Tapie group's lawyer said in a statement to Pokerstrategy:

"We are very close to conclude the agreement and we expect this to happen over the next few weeks. There was an expectation among the parties involved that we had concluded our discussions, one way or another, by the end of February. In recent meetings were positive steps forward, and each party feels reasonably confident that we can reach a happy ending. Thus, all agreed to allow the process to continue for a little while. We're talking with some players and we hope to solve these problems some of them. Others remain uncooperative, but we are confident we can achieve sufficient critical mass to help us solve problems, and then complete the deal. "

We continue then all waiting for the long awaited return of the Full Tilt Poker, it would still be quite ironic if that happens on April 15th, 2012 on the anniversary of "Black Friday"!



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