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European regulation of online gambling approved

European gambling regulation similar to the British!

The European Regulation on online gambling is already approved with a view to a common online gambling market between the member states of the European Union. After several discussions the Regulation was finally approved, there were too many contrasts in regulated markets and this market has set plans to standardize the laws present in all countries of the european union.

The first difficulty was due to a "rudimentary" imposed by France, Italy and Spain where the markets are closed and the players from that countries can only play in the respective countries among themselves. It was required an assessment of profits generated after market closure to Italy and France understood the "absurd" to limit players from tgeir country just to play and bet between themselves and the bottleneck that this causes on the online gambling market, having this bottleneck even forced operators to give up on French and Spanish market.

Thus the EU intends to implement a regulation similar to English, and avoid the bottleneck of many individual markets, but this was only possible because UK manifested, in their point of view in order to create an european market it has to be reached an uniform European market it is necessary that member states like Poland and Portugal to change its vision "conservative" and "retrograde" about online gambling.

Already more specifically in Northern Europe in Germany the regulation of online gambling remains a mess because although the new government of the state of Schleswig-Holstein is against gambling online gamblking, the gambling licenses in that state will be still issued, and thus on this state is possible to play poker online while in the rest of Germany is prohibited.

Denmark has also implemented a gambling regulation similar to the British model being Danish players allowed to play with the rest of the world in the international market, as well as the same happened in Romania.

And good news for the Spaniards since Enrique Alejo, director general of the department of game today presented his resignation, so the amendment to the regulation of gambling in Spain may be soon!

The aim of the European Union is currently to achieve a common gaming laws of the various member states of the European Union always taking a model similar to the British, and the first step is to open the French, Spanish and Italian market to the rest of the world, and now the European Union is waiting for amending legislation in those countries.



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