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What do you know about Poker? Always keep yourself updated with the latest news in the poker world, the latest WSOP news, Professional players, poker rooms, the latest no deposit bonus, in short everything you need to know to keep you updated in the world of online and live poker!

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Jose Girah Macedo admits that he committed fraud in online poker

José "Girah" Macedo the young Portuguese 18 years old who turned $ 30 into $ 2,000,000 playing poker online has been associated with reports of fraud and cheating in online poker. The 1st incident happened May 4, 2011 when Girah was disqualified from the Pro Challenge Bluff Magazine................ (08/08/11)

Full Tilt Poker Pays License Fees to Alderney

Full Tilt Poker has paid the 250,000 pounds (410,000 dollars) in licensing fees to Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC), which was in debt. AGCC released a statement saying:"The recent payment of overdue license fees by FTP is also in players' best interests.............. (06/08/11)

Greece wants to approve law on online gambling

Greece that is now on his second economic rescue by the "FMI", wants to pass a law to regulate online gambling. Law provides the rates of 30% for operators and 10% for winnings of players. The big problem is that operators wishing to apply for a license will have to be imposed............... (04/08/11)

Toulouse court declares poker game of skill

The Court of Toulouse decided on a case involving Jean-Pierre Gleizes accused of organizing private poker competitions in public places without a license, that the Texas Hold'em poker is not a game of chance............... (03/08/11)

Full Tilt license renewed at Kahnawake

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) has renewed the secondary license of Full Tilt last Friday for two more years based on the fact that although the primary license has been suspended it is still valid! In its official statement on the last day Friday July............. (02/08/11)

Strip Poker Invitational - Television Series of Strip Poker

Strip Poker Invitational it is a series of televised poker tournament, the only difference is that transmit Strip Poker tournaments. Untill today it has only occurred one event of the "Strip Poker Invitational" in 2004 in Las Vegas............... (01/08/11)

Phil Ivey owes $6 Million to Full Tilt Poker?

From June 2009 until April 2011, Phil Ivey got money borrowed from Full Tilt Poker, at least eighteen times for a total of $ 10,715,000. Having paid some of that money to the poker site at least five times, totaling $ 5 million and was paid 1.2 million dollars by Full Tiltin in payments.............. (30/07/11)

Full Tilt Hearing with Alderney

On today July 26, 2011 was scheduled Full Tilt's audience with Alderney to review the process of license suspension from Full Tilt, thousands of players followed the developments online of the audience, held in London in the "Victoria Park Plaza Hotel."................... (26/07/11)

The nine finalists in 2011 WSOP Main Event - November 9

Already known are the nine players who will meet in November in the final of the WSOP Main Event in 2011, they will return to Las Vegas on November 5, to play to set the 2011 WSOP champion! Most players are not well known in the poker world but from now certainly will be!.... (20/07/11)

Chris Viox Wins Event 25 - Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo

The professional poker player North American Chris Viox won the event 24 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo through winning the 2011 WSOP as well his 1st WSOP bracelet with a prize of $ 200.459! The victory was not easy because in the end Viox found the veteran Mike Sexton....... (20/06/11)

Mark Radoja Wins Event 24 - $5.000 No Limit Hold'em Shootout

The Canadian professional poker player Mark Radoja end to raise $ 436,568 by winning the Shootout event, and so through winning the medal in his 1st WSOP. In second place was Jeffrey Gross with a prize of $ 269,742....... (18/06/11)

John Juanda Wins Event 16 - $10,000 2-7 No-Limit Draw

The professional poker player Indonesian John Juanda won the 16th WSOP in 2011 ($ 10,000 2-7 No-Limit Draw) thus earning its 5th bracelet in his career, which gives now the 12 th place in the poker players with more WSOP bracelets...... (15/06/11)

Jake Cody Wins Event 2

The British professional poker player Jake Cody who was among four finalists in the 2nd event of the WSOP 2011, won the event by beating Gus Hansen on the semi finals, and went on to win the final by defeating Timoshenko...... (06/06/11)

WSOP Announces the $1 Million Buy-In Event in 2012

The organizers of the WSOP in conjunction with the charity "One Drop" are already organizing an event for the WSOP in 2012, in which the "buy-in" will be 1 million dollars, the tournament has a limit of 48 players and the prize will certainly be dependent on number of participants at least.... (05/06/11)

Gus Hansen in Final 4 of the $25.000 Heads Up Event

Gus Hansen is among the four finalists of the event $ 25,000 Heads Up which started on May 31, and now has four finalists including Gus Hansen, who will face Jake Cody and Yevgeniy Timoshenko who will face Eric Froehlich on day 4 of the event 2.............. (03/06/11)

Phil Ivey is suing Tiltware!

Many of you must already go hand in hand with the situation in which are the American players at Full Tilt Poker since the "Black Friday", which can not play or make a withdrawal, the situation is now beginning to be resolved because the U.S. government is already............ (03/06/11)

Dafapoker Bónus $30 Free - Free Money Dafapoker

Asia Poker Academy is one more academy poker with diverse study material at your disposal that will help you build your resume online poker player, and besides, their study material also has bonus without deposit of $ 30 for PokerStars Party Poker and Dafapoker............ (01/06/11)

Poker-Reality Bonus $25 Free - Free Money Poker-Reality

The Poker-Reality newly inaugurated Russian house of Poker has launched a promotion to attract new players with a fantastic bonus $ 25 free no need for any deposit, for those who like playing poker with the Russians this home is ideal............ (01/06/11)

PokerPlex24 Bonus $10 Free - Free Money PokerPlex24

The BankrollMob has jut launched another free poker money offer this time at PokerPlex24 with $10 with free without having to make a deposit! Bonuses are limited to 100 applications daily. The PokerPlex24 is a median poker room with 20,000 online players at peak............. (11/05/11)

myBet Poker 100$ Free No Deposit Bonus - myBet Poker Free Money

We found a new provider of no deposit bonus called BankrollKing with various bonuses available, and we've already done a tutorial for the $100 bonus free no deposit on an excellent home myBet Poker from online poker network iPoker............ (11/05/11)

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