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Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel born on April 22th, 1980, is the main Hostess of poker World Poker Tour. Courtney has participated as Hostess on "America's Most Wanted", "E! News", "Trackers" and several programs from Nickelodeon.


When not working with the WPT events in Paris, Aruba or Las Vegas, she reports to the CBS affiliate in Palm Springs, where she hosts a program of video games seen in EB Games stores in the United States and Canada.


During her youth, Courtney constantly irritated her friends and enemies by interviewing them. Whenever there was a video camera around, she always had to expose her beautiful face. But as far as success goes, this was not apparent until her first discovery on television. Before that, she had almost given up journalism becuase the public school does not offer what she wanted.


When she finally got her first job, she was hired as a news anchor and reporter, her duties included everything from camera settings for editing as well as writing and storytelling. Unfortunately, her first day on the air became so her last, too. A tornado hit the studio at 4 am and destroyed everything including her car.



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