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Belgium intends to approve the Law of Online Poker against EU Rules

EGBA filed a complaint about the Belgian Law on the European Union!

Belgium wants to pass a gambling law similar to Italy and France, in which operators are required to be licensed and having the server in Belgium as well as to foreclose the market by forcing Belgian players to play only among them.

The Belgian community of online poker players were terrified by this news because such a small community as the Belgian online poker community can not survive with the closing of the market, thereby eventually poker online will be extinguished in Belgium.

The players say that it can not be applied the same law that now applies in France, because while in France we have 500 000 online poker players in Belgium we do not reach the 30 000 and as such a closed market would end up with online poker in Belgium.

Also EGBA (European Gaming & Betting Association) filed a complaint with the European Commission, because the Belgian legislation goes against some European laws. However with the complaint in the European Union, the law can not move forward until it is decided by the European Union which could take a year or more.



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