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Dutch Supreme Court Prohibits Online Game

Witch Hunt to the online game in Europe Continues!

The online gaming operators in the Netherlands received an order from the supreme court to install software on their sites to block access to Dutch citizens! This happened due to a lawsuit brought in court from the Dutch Lotto against BetfairPoker and companies such as Ladbrokes Poker. The court also said that banks that continue to process payments for online gaming companies are likely to be sued!

It's really a shame what it is happening in Europe when it comes to online gambling! On one hand we have monopoly markets seeking nothing more than wipe out the competition not allowing foreign companies to enter into their markets, which is clearly the case in the Netherlands, also very similar to what happened in Portugal between Bwin and "Santa casa da Mesericórdia" ! Clearly going against the norms of European free market among the 27 member states, and the European Union does about it?? Absolutely nothing!

On the other hand we have countries that due to the current world economic crisis remembered that by regulating online gambling thay could make some money out of it! Making laws completely unreasonable gibberish without any notion of what is the reality of online gambling, a little of what happened and is happening in Spain and Belgium!

I wonder with all the prejudice and greed around the online game in Europe, where will this stop? Where is the freedom of individuals? Countries that legalize drugs but ban online gambling does not make much sense! Unless attitudes change or the financial situation improve we will have a period of European fascism in the online Gambling!



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